Top Tips for Passing Time on Long Flights: Books & Audiobooks Explored

Ever been stuck on a long-haul flight, counting the minutes as they tick by? We’ve all been there. But you don’t have to resign yourself to hours of boredom. There’s a whole host of ways to keep yourself entertained, even when you’re miles above ground.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time flyer, we’ve got the scoop on how to make the hours fly by (pun intended). From engaging in-flight activities, to creative ways to relax, we’ll guide you through the best methods to pass time on a long flight.

So buckle up, sit back, and get ready to transform your flight experience. You’re about to discover how to turn those endless hours into a productive, enjoyable journey.

Key Takeaways

  • Planning is Essential: Prior to your flight, plan your entertainment by packing books, creating a playlist, gathering podcasts, audiobooks, and bringing travel-friendly games.
  • In-flight Entertainment Systems: Most long-haul flights have an in-flight entertainment system. Use these systems to watch movies, TV shows, play games and listen to music. Be sure to browse the selection before your flight to maximize your enjoyment.
  • Stretch Regularly: Don’t forget to introduce breaks in between screen times, walk around, and stretch to prevent unhealthy prolonged sedentary behavior, potentially leading to Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).
  • In-Flight Movies and TV Shows: You can catch up on your favorite films or serials. Airlines offer a variety of content, so make use of the time on your hands to enjoy them. Remember to stretch periodically.
  • Reading: Immerse yourself in a good book or listen to an audiobook if the in-flight screen becomes monotonous. Nowadays, many airlines also include e-books in their entertainment offerings.
  • Interactions and Games: Strike up conversations with your fellow travelers or engage in card games or portable board games if you’re traveling with companions. These are excellent ways to bond and pass the time.

Finding ways to stay entertained on long flights is crucial for a pleasant journey. Reddit users in the Delta community share their top tips for passing time, highlighting the importance of noise-canceling headphones and a good book or audiobook. The Washington Post curates a list of engaging podcasts and audiobooks perfect for long travel days, offering something for every type of listener. Additionally, EF’s blog provides ten ways to kill time on a flight, including listening to audio books, making these hours an opportunity to catch up on reading or discovering new stories.

Plan Your Entertainment

Now that you’ve got your essentials packed and you’re geared up for this long-haul flight, let’s dig into the exciting part – planning your entertainment. Here’s where you get to be creative and choose activities that you love and interest you.

Delving into a gripping novel can make your hours fly by – it’s as if you’re in a whole new world. So go ahead, pack your favorite book or two. If you’re an ardent reader with diverse tastes, consider bringing an e-reader or an iPad that’s loaded with a selection of books. That way, you’ll have a range of genres to choose from and the choice to switch depending on your mood.

In-flight movies and shows are another great option. Most airlines offer a plethora of choices, from latest blockbusters to endearing classics. Don’t waste time browsing the selections onboard. Instead, get a head start. Check out what’s available on your airline’s entertainment platform days before your flight. Make a list of your top picks and you’re good to go!

While prepping for this trip, don’t forget to include a playlist. The joy of listening to your favorite tunes while soaring above the clouds is unmatched. Remember to download your tracks offline – you don’t want connectivity issues ruining your music experience, do you?

Podcasts and audiobooks are also gaining popularity among travelers. It’s like having someone narrate a captivating tale or share insightful knowledge with you. Choose topics that intrigue you and could keep your attention for long periods.

Last but not least, a good old-fashioned deck of cards or portable board games can turn tedious hours into a fun gaming marathon. If you’re traveling with companions, it’s a fantastic way to bond.

Keep in mind, it’s essential to mix things up, allowing breaks between activities, and catching some sleep in between. Variety keeps the mind fresh and active, and sleep helps prevent jet lag once you’ve landed.

Engage in In-flight Activities

While pre-planned entertainment is critical, we can’t overlook the plethora of activities available right there in the fuselage. Your environment is ripe with opportunities to engage the senses, keep the mind active, and pass the time, all of which can enhance the overall flight experience.

A key element here is the in-flight entertainment system. Almost all long-haul flights are equipped with personal screens that offer a variety of capabilities. You’ll find a selection of the latest movies – some of them even ahead of online platforms! Show series can keep you riveted when marathoning across time zones. Music channels are aplenty, profiling genres to suit every taste. If you’re a games enthusiast, you’ll not be disappointed from simple puzzles to complex strategy games. Airlines invest a lot in these systems – leverage this to your advantage!

Remember though to take frequent breaks just as you would at home. Staring at the screen non-stop isn’t ideal. Use these intervals to get up, stretch, walk around a bit. It’s good for your eyes, joints, and circulation, especially for those prone to DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). You can also engage in a bit of casual conversation with your seatmate – you never know the interesting stories or connections that can come from this.

Onboard magazines also provide an enticing pastime. Brush up on your destination know-how, catch up on international news or delve into an absorbing article – their eclectic mix is sure to pique your interest! Plus, they’re a greatway to unwind and reduce screen time.

So go ahead – dive deep into these in-flight offerings and make the most of your journey. And remember, there’s the added bonus of new experiences to share at your destination! A little strategy and engagement can transform the long hours into a productive, enjoyable time, paving the way for a fresh arrival to your destination.

Catch up on Movies or TV Shows

Perhaps you’ve been too busy, with work and life responsibilities echoing through the hallways of your home, leaving footprints on your floors that your favorite shows and movies have piled up – waiting to be watched. Well, the wait is over. On your long-haul flight, as you buckle your shoes, settle into your seat, and gaze at the reflections in the windows that might as well be mirrors to other worlds, you’ve got the perfect time to hit play and enter your favorite fictional world.

In-flight entertainment has been a significant game-changer in availing long-distance travel, making the skies less of a barrier and more of a gateway to global cultures and stories. And guess what? This benefit isn’t restricted to just first or business-class passengers. Even if you’re flying economy, with the hum of the engines below the floors and the vast sky above the roofs, your entertainment options are far from limited. Many airlines now offer a variety of media content, on-demand, available right at your fingertips, ensuring that the only thing dry on this flight is the humor in the sitcoms, not the air around you.

Your personal screen can become your private theater, offering you a diversified library of blockbuster movies, critically acclaimed TV series, documentaries, and more. Each selection a drop in the vast ocean of entertainment at your disposal, much like the water that covers the majority of the planet you’re flying over. Ever heard the phrase, “so many movies, so little time?” Here, on your flight, with the world far below you, surrounded by clouds and over vast expanses of water, it’s more like “so many movies, ample time!”

And yes, before you ask, the headsets are provided, so no need to worry about packing yours and adding extra items to your already packed carry-on.

If you’re a fan of foreign cinema, you’ll be delighted to know that many airlines also support multilingual content. So don’t shy away from exploring different genres and languages.

As you delve into your favorite stories, you may realize that time has flown by so quickly. It’s one of the best ways to convert your travel time into a delightful and exciting experience. Immersed in the thrilling world of story-lines and characters, it’s easy to forget you’re several thousand feet above the ground.

But remember, it’s also important to not get fully immersed and forget to stretch out. Staying still for too long can cause discomfort. A good practice is to pause at the end of an episode or movie, stand, and stretch a bit before diving back into your digital entertainment.

Read a Book or Listen to an Audiobook

Sitting comfortably in your plane seat, your in-flight entertainment system might start to feel a bit monotonous. Switch up the routine a bit. Instead of another movie or series episode, why not dive into a good book?

Take advantage of the silence at 35,000 feet and get lost in a different world. Whether you’re a, horror aficionado, a rom-com lover, science fiction enthusiast, or a fan of biographies – there’s a book for every taste. In case you didn’t bring one with you, worry not. Many airlines have started to include e-books in their in-flight entertainment system.

Another excellent option to consider is audiobooks. Listening to an audiobook, instead of staring at screens, can provide relief to your eyes.

However, do remember:

  • Audiobooks are best enjoyed with headphones to maintain a peaceful environment for your fellow passengers.
  • It’s essential to have options lined up before the flight, as not all airlines provide a wide range of audiobook choices.

Forget long flights. Time will pass quicker than you think when you’re immersed in a captivating story. Mystery novels, suspenseful thrillers, intriguing sci-fi adventures, or heartwarming memoirs can keep you entertained for hours.

So next time before you fly, consider loading up your device with an e-book or audiobook. It’ll not only be a source of entertainment, but also a chance to catch up on your reading list. Just remember to take your regular stretching breaks.

With these options, you’ll definitely find an engaging way to pass the time, making the journey more fun and relaxing. The final stop – gaming options on a flight – is just around the corner. Hold on to your seats as we navigate the entertainment options available on your device and the inflight system.


So there you have it. You’ve learned that immersing yourself in a good book or audiobook can truly transform your long flight experience. It’s not just about passing the time, it’s about making the most of it. Remember, preparation is key. Having your reading material ready beforehand ensures you’re all set for a peaceful, enjoyable journey. Diversify your choices and see how it enhances your travel experience. After all, who said long flights can’t be fun? Your next great adventure might just be a page turn away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Does the article recommend books and audiobooks for inflight entertainment?

Yes, the article highly encourages using books and audiobooks as a relaxing and engaging alternative to traditional in-flight entertainment systems.

Q2: What benefits does the article highlight about using books and audiobooks for travel?

The benefits include passing the time in a productive manner, creating a peaceful personal environment, and enhancing the travel experience overall through engrossing narratives.

Q3: Is it necessary to prepare my reading material before the trip?

The article emphasizes the importance of selecting and preparing your reading or listening materials in advance, especially in the case of audiobooks.

Q4: How does diversifying entertainment choices affect my flight experience?

By introducing variety in your entertainment choices, such as reading a book or listening to an audiobook, you can make long flights more enjoyable and less monotonous.

Q5: Are audiobooks and physical books the only recommended alternatives for in-flight entertainment?

While the article particularly highlights audiobooks and physical books, it suggests that diversifying your entertainment options in general can greatly enhance the travel experience.